Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

1. List of terms

To ensure conformity and full understanding of the Rules by every system member, we provide a list of terms that are used further in the Rules and services of the Mobytize CPA network.

CPA - Cost Per Action — Web advertisement model that involves payment only for certain user actions, that the Advertiser is interested in (installation of a mobile app, purchase etc).

Administration — Mobytize staff members. Administration may conduct any operations with the Partner’s accounts that are allowed by there Rules.

Publisher — a private person or company registered in Mobytize that attracts users to the Adviser’s projects in order for users to conduct certain actions (purchase of, installing an application etc) with the use of their own traffic sources.

Publisher’s account — or «Account» – all services and functions of the Advertisement Network, accessible to the publisher after registration procedure in the Network is completed.

Checking account — Publisher’s cheking account that is used to receive payment for the actions accomplished by users.

Advertiser - a legal person or company that uses the mobile CPA-network to place the advertisement offers.

An advertisement offer – application, shop etc, that involves reward for accomplishment of targeted actions.

Promo assets — text, graphic images, audio and video recording as well as any other asset type, provided by Mobytize interface for user in the Publisher’s sources as the advertisement for mobile offers.

Traffic source — Publisher’s resource that is the origin for the traffic that is driven to Mobytize offers.

Traffic — users of mobile applications that can be attracted from a certain source in a certain period of time.

Quality traffic — a flow of real internet users who conduct targeted action at the Advertiser’s offer.

Low quality traffic — flow of internet users, obtained as a result of:

  • any process that does not involve user participation such as but not limited to: operation of software, scripts, bots and clickers;
  • participating as a Publisher in web services that allow user exchange and similar to them;
  • persuading the audience in any form on behalf of the Publisher;
  • receiving traffic from other low quality sources or traffic forgery;

User visit — user action that involves clicking on the link in the promo assets;

Action — user accomplished target action that was set as a part of an offer by an Advertiser.

Mock action — an action conducted by an automated mechanism as well as accomplished by a user because of persuasion or deception by a third party.

These and any action alike are not processed by the system or paid for by Advertisers. The Partner who is faulty of such actions is blocked without a possibility to withdraw the funds.

Lead — accomplishment of an action on the Advertiser’s website: installation of an application, purchase, registration, filing of a web form, viewing a video or other media, as well as other actions that don’t require the user to spend money.

Hold – temporary reservation of the reward for leads attracted by the Publisher for a certain time period.

2. General rules and regulations

2.1. These rules are the only document that regulates the actions of partners in the Mobytize network.

2.2. Accepting these rules is mandatory and necessary to accomplish registration and participate as a partner in the Mobytize network.

2.3. These rules are enforced in their latest version for all partners regardless of the version that was the latest at the time of their registration.

3. Registration and account shutdown

3.1. Every company as well as legal grown adult (aged over 18) who is not limited in his (her) liability can register as a partner in the Mobytize network.

3.2. Partner’s registration is accomplished by filing a web registration form.

3.3. During the registration process the user is required to fill every field with authentic information.

3.4. The contact e-mail is subject to mandatory validation.

3.5. Mobytize administration can reject an application for a valid reason

3.6. Duplicate registration as a partner is prohibited. If the administration finds two or more accounts created by, belonging to or being used by the same person, these accounts can be banned without a right to withdraw funds.

3.7. Mobytize administration can shut down a Publisher’s account at any given moment of time with a valid reason. The following rules apply to such cases:

  • if the shutdown is not connected to a breach of the current Rules and Regulations, the funds earned by the Publisher are payed in full;
  • if the shutdown was caused by a breach of the Rules and Regulations conducted by the Publisher, the funds allocated to the account can not be withdrawn.

4. Requirements for the traffic sources

4.1. The traffic should meet the requirements of specific Offers if these conditions are clearly set. The requierements for the offers are set in each offer in the Advertisers’ list.

4.2. Promo assets suggested by the Mobytize interface can be used to attract users to the Advertisers’ offers. Every other asset should be approved by the Administration

4.3. The Mobytize network does not accept the mobile sites and services as traffic sources if they contatin:

  • viruses as well as assets or services that can be potentially harmful for the visitors
  • propaganda of violence in any form;
  • materials that promote discrimination based on age, race, sex, religious beliefs or nationality.
  • information that breaches the laws of Russian Federation;
  • materials that violate the rights for intellectual property of third parties and organizations.

4.4. The Publisher bears full personal responsibility for the marketing part of the Partnership platform and every allocated asset.

5. Requirements for the traffic

5.1. Attracting traffic via targeted adverts (services such as Yandex.Direct and Google.Adwords) with the use of promo assets containing brand or Advertiser’s name is prohibited if not stated otherwise in the conditions of the particular offer.

5.2. All partners are prohibited to generate traffic using:

  • any form of stimulating the users conduct the action including but not limited to providing additional benefits, financial rewards or any other form of encouragement (except for offers with the ‘incent’ marking’);
  • deception of users in any form;
  • spamming messages via e-mail, sms or other means of communication;
  • any other methods that violate the legislation of Russian Federation;
  • source that are explicitly prohibited by certain Offers.

5.3. Mobytize or any Advertiser can consider traffic from any sources to be low quality traffic at own discretion, and declare actions conducted by users attracted through these sources to be mock action.

5.4. If Mobytize discovers sources that generate traffic in the breach of rule no. 5.2, the Administration may terminate these sources’ participation in the system. Under these conditions the funds transferred from the Advertiser to the Publisher for users’ activities are reimbursed at the cost of party that breached the rules.

6. Financial code of conduct

6.1. All rewards are allocated to the Publisher’s account by default.

6.2. The default hold term is 45 days. It can be altered for a particular publisher depending on the quality and volume of the traffic.

6.3. After the hold term expires, the funds allocated to the Publisher’s account are automatically transferred to the available balance.

6.4. The transfers are conducted by the Publisher’s request in 1-3 operational days after the request for available funds was filed after the quality of actions in the prior period was checked.

6.4. After the check is conducted:
the reward form high quality actions that are allocated to the Publisher’s account are transferred to the Publisher’s available balance.

6.5. The minimum payout $100