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Оффер Capital с оплатой за Sign up

Alter Capital Group is an fund manager that specialises in cryptocurrency investment. We actively manage a diversified portfolio, consisting of more than fifty different types of these digital tokens. There is a great variety of cryptocurrencies, each developed for different purposes, based on different fundamentals. Alter Capital thoroughly analyses those fundamentals and invests in cryptocurrencies that have a promising value proposition, providing utility to its users.

Goal: Registration
Restrictions: Fraud, incent traffic


Цель Выплата Страны
Sign up 25 NO, CA, NL, SE, DE, BE, GB, AU, LU, NZ, CH, SG, AT, DK, FI
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Оффер Beeline Subscriptions - Rebill с оплатой за Rebill
Beeline Subscriptions - Rebill

Beeline Mainstream Subscriptions 



Goal: Rebill


  • Banners may not be displayed to users on media sites and social networks.
  • Incentive traffic, fraud, spam, mislead
  • Advertising banners may not imitate a video player (including, but not limited to, the use of the words "Watch video").
  • The banner should contain a brief description of the service that is provided.
  • Advertising banners that are used to redirect traffic must necessarily be approved ahead of time.



Цель Выплата Страны
Rebill 6 RU
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Оффер Micro Touch Solo - мужской триммер с оплатой за Confirmed order
Micro Touch Solo - мужской триммер


Micro Touch Solo is a great trimmer for grooming, maintaining and modeling beards, mustaches or sideburns in a neat and attractive look. Want an easy unshaven, fashionable beard? Micro Touch Solo will help you with this in two accounts! It has never been easier to follow and change your appearance !.

Goal: Confirmad order
Restrictions: cashback, incent, ClickUnder/PopUnder/Installs, Email, Adult, Push Notifications, spam, co-registration



Цель Выплата Страны
Confirmed order 300 UZ
Confirmed order 340 AM, KG
Confirmed order 440 BY, KZ
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Оффер Genius с оплатой за First Deposit

International financial company, as well as a trading platform for performing round-the-clock operations with popular crypto-currencies in real time

Goal: First deposit

Restrictions: Incent, fraud, mislead and cashback


Цель Выплата Страны
First Deposit 440 GB
First Deposit 440 NO
First Deposit 440 NL
First Deposit 440 PT
First Deposit 440 SE
First Deposit 440 ES
First Deposit 440 DE
First Deposit 440 IT
First Deposit 440 PL
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Оффер CreditCash с оплатой за Sign up

CreditCash - a service that provides the ability to quickly and with the maximum opportunity to get a positive decision on a loan;


- the opportunity to consider the application by all banks / financial companies at the same time, which allows the client to increase the percentage of approval and issue a loan;

- There are no restrictions on the quantity / acceptance of applications;

- maximum loan amount up to 300 000 UAH.

- simplified application form of 6 fields for applying online;

- the decision on the application takes place after 2 minutes from the date of the application;

- the decision is taken simultaneously by banks / financial companies, which increases the chance to get a loan;

- the service is absolutely free, which makes it possible to avoid additional loan fees from banks / financial companies.

Goal: Confirmed registration
Restrictions: Fraud 


Lead validity criteria: at the time of registration borrower's age:

- 21 years for officially employed) / 25 years (for informally employed);

- at the end of the loan agreement: up to 70 years;

- seniority at the last place of work, months employee:
from 3 months .;
self-employed: from 12 months. (must engage in one activity!);
- type of employment: employee:
formal / unofficial / under an employment contract; (if the client works as an employee on the UL / FOP under a contract (civil law contract) and receives an official monthly salary, with which the employer pays PF and NDFL contributions to the budget of Ukraine);

- the client must be registered on the territory of Ukraine, may be issued on a temporary residence permit;

- test orders of webmasters are not paid;

- Conversions with an empty referer are not counted (you cannot see the source of the traffic).


Цель Выплата Страны
Sign up 70 UA
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Оффер Neuraltrade с оплатой за Sign up, First Deposit

Neotrade is the world’s first trading software fully based on neural network technology. Neotrade gives you the unique opportunity to create a stable income without basic knowledge about trading itself. Due to machine learning processes, it takes less than a minute to predict each and every market change.

Goal: registration, first deposit, revenueShare 
Restrictions: incent traffic, fraud 


Цель Выплата Страны
Sign up 10 SG, NL, FI, BE, NZ, IE, CH, AE, SE, MY, DK, AU, NO, GB, CA, SA, LU, DE, AT
First Deposit 120 CA, SA, LU, DE, AT, SG, NL, FI, BE, NZ, IE, CH, AE, SE, MY, DK, AU, NO, GB
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Оффер Benaughty.com mainstream с оплатой за Sign up
Benaughty.com mainstream

Benaughty.com is the fastest growing personals&online dating service in the world. With Millions of local singles waiting to meet the user NOW! Let him find the perfect date, the newest love, or a committed relationship, or even something more exciting

Goal: SOI sign up

Restrictions: Traffic fraud, motivated traffic, traffic podunder and clickunder, traffic from chats, female traffic, as well as traffic BlackBerry and iPod touch, spam. 


Цель Выплата Страны
Sign up 2.25 GB, AU
Sign up 1.875 CA, US, GB
Sign up 2.062 CA
Sign up 1.275 TW, US
Sign up 1.125 TW, KR
Sign up 0.937 KR
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Оффер Trip to Fiji с оплатой за Sign up
Trip to Fiji


Win a vacation on a beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Win a trip to Fiji after a simple registration.

Goals: Sign up

Restrictions: no bot, incent, adult,  content locking, misleading creatives & other forms of fraudulent / non compliant traffic sources, popunder without prelender 


Цель Выплата Страны
Sign up 3 AU
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Оффер Pandora  Sweepstake с оплатой за Sign up
Pandora Sweepstake

The PANDORA jewelry brand is known worldwide for its modern hand-crafted jewelery, unsurpassed design and production from high-quality materials. Inspiring women around the world to express their individuality and uniqueness, filled with incredible femininity and style, PANDORA jewelry allows you to save unforgettable moments and special life values.

Goals: Sign up

Restrictions: no bot, incent, adult,  content locking, misleading creatives & other forms of fraudulent / non compliant traffic sources, popunder without prelender 


Цель Выплата Страны
Sign up 1.5 IT
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Оффер Primark Sweepstake с оплатой за Sign up
Primark Sweepstake

Primark is an Irish clothing and accessories retailer. It is a subsidiary of AB Foods, and is headquartered in Dublin.The company's first store was founded by Arthur Ryan on behalf of the Weston family in June 1969 on 47 Mary Street, Dublin, the store still remains operative to this day

Goals: Sign up

Restrictions: no bot, incent, adult,  content locking, misleading creatives & other forms of fraudulent / non compliant traffic sources, popunder without prelender 


Цель Выплата Страны
Sign up 2.25 GB
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