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Оффер Lottery Lotouniver с оплатой за Deposit
Lottery Lotouniver

Description: Description: One day someone said that it is more likely to die from a lightning strike than to win a lottery. And if this were so, our developers of the program, which increases the chances of winning the lotto, had long ago had to disappear into the "other world". Meet - the university program for winning the lottery from the seven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig. Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret, Richard Lustig actually won 7 times and now tells the secrets how he managed to do it. The offerings of the LotUniver should be a revelation for those who play the lottery for a long time and for those who want to earn their first million on the lottery without leaving home.

Goal: Deposit

Restrictions: Motivated traffic 


Цель Выплата Страны
Deposit 60 KZ, RU
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Оффер Astro7.ru с оплатой за Sign up, First Deposit, First order

Astro7.ru, telephone consultations with real astrologers, fortune-tellers, psychics and other esoteric.

Purpose: Deposit

Limitations: It is forbidden to advertise the service with any obscurantism like spells / lapels / black magic, etc.


Цель Выплата Страны
Sign up 40 DE, AU, SK, PL, LT, GR, EE, CA, RU, LV, IE, FI, CZ, AT, SI, NL, IT, GB, DK, BG, US, RO, LU, HR, ES, CY, SE, MT, IL, FR
First Deposit 960 EE, CA, RU, LV, IE, FI, CZ, AT, SI, NL, IT, GB, DK, BG, US, RO, LU, HR, ES, CY, SE, MT, IL, FR, DE, AU, SK, PL, LT, GR
First order 28 FI, CZ, AT, SI, NL, IT, GB, DK, BG, US, RO, LU, HR, ES, CY, SE, MT, IL, FR, DE, AU, SK, PL, LT, GR, EE, CA, RU, LV, IE
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Оффер CarPrice с оплатой за Confirmed order, First order, Purchase


Description: CarPrice.ru - service for the sale of second-hand cars in Russia. CarPrice offers services to buy cars on the most favorable terms. This service is an online auction with the help of which the client can quickly and safely sell a car of any brand at the maximum offered price in the shortest possible time. Professional staff, transparency of all operations and a high percentage of successful transactions make CarPrice a reliable and qualified partner.

Moscow and Moscow region
St. Petersburg

Recognizable brand
High pay per action
Attractive promotional materials

Purpose: 1. Confirmed application

2. Arrival at the point

3. Redemption of cars

 Allowed types of traffic Contextual advertising Adwords (Without use of brand inquiries) Teaser networks Banner advertising Retargeting Social networks Price-Comparison Coupons / Promotions Bloggers / vloggers, incl. YouTube Mob. traffic for mobs. version Content Sites, Reviews Marketplace Games, applications (desktop, mobile) Games, applications in social networks Prohibited types of traffic Contextual advertising on the Brand! SMS Cashback Motivated traffic Adult Bucs Exchange traffic Spam in private messages VK | AVITO | AUTO.RU | DROM.RU | AM.RU |


Цель Выплата Страны
Confirmed order 90 RU
First order 375 RU
Purchase 5250 RU
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