Оффер CryptoPoint с оплатой за first deposit

Vertical: Crypto currency

Goal: First Deposit

Payout: 280 - 440


Tize Tokens: 3%

CryptoPoint is an innovative broker that supports cryptocurrencies trading. There are no special trading accounts traders can choose from. All traders trade with the same account type, which gives them an equal starting point. Of course, traders can (and should) always try to increase their knowledge of financial trading and market trends in order to make progress.

The registration with CryptoPoint is pretty straightforward: First, you have to click the ‘Register’ button, and you’ll be redirected to an online form you have to fill out. The required data is basic and the form doesn’t differentiate from many similar forms that can be found online. After the form is filled out and the account created, CryptoPoint traders have to make a deposit in order to start trading. The available deposit currencies are EUR, USD, and GBP, and minimum deposit amount is $300, and minimum trade with CryptoPoint is only $1. This gives traders amazing possibilities to test different strategies and trading methods, as the minimum trade in most cases is no lower than $25.

Goal: First deposit 300 GBP/EUR

Restrictions: No adult traffic

Цель Выплата Страны
First Deposit 280 JP, MY, ZA
First Deposit 360 AE, KW, QA, SA, TH
First Deposit 440 AT, AU, CH, DE, FI, GB, HK, IE, NL, NO, SE, SG
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