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Skype: live:am3.mobytize

Telegram: @Evgen_mobytize

E-mail: evgen@mobytize.com

12 m clicks per month

62 000 actions per month

200+ countries

Any kind of traffic

Mobytize is inviting cooperation with companies which are interested in attracting mobile traffic to their projects

If your company has a mobile application for any OS and you need high- quality customers who will install and use the application — we can help. There are a variety of quality traffic sources in our network that bring exactly the type of customers that you need.

The scheme of work CPI (Cost Per Install) means that you pay only for those users who have installed and launched your application. Also, Mobytize is inviting cooperation with advertisers who have projects with mobile (or adapted for mobile devices) landing pages.

Do you sell any products and does your site look great on mobile devices? Do you provide a service on your site that is well adapted for mobile traffic?

In these cases we can attract suitable traffic towards your projects (bearing in mind the requirements of user geography, device OS and many other parameters) according to the CPL (Cost Per Lead) — only actions on the advertiser's website are paid.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and discuss the process of work. We will do our best to help you with service integration from the tech side so that you will start smoothly.

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